Our Approach to Medicinal Cannabis

ioVia™ was founded by a passionate team who has served Colorado medical cannabis patients since 2010. We’ve helped thousands of patients get access to the highest quality cannabis products. We’ve discovered what works (and what doesn’t) for our patients. Mostly, we’ve listened. It’s from this experience that ioVia™ was born. Formulated with the perfect blends of CBD and THC, ioVia™ products deliver all the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids with a reduced degree of psychoactivity. That, combined with the discreet uptake methods, means there is finally a cannabis product that works for you, with your lifestyle.

ioVia™ Precision Dose products are available for Recreational patients (any 21+ adult in Colorado) as well as Medical patients, because we believe that as many people as possible should have access to medicinally-focused cannabis products that provide genuine relief and increase quality of life.

Just the Right Dose

One of the most important aspects of using medicinal cannabis is finding the dosage that’s right for you. Over the years, many of our patients repeatedly struggled to achieve a consistent experience with smokables or edibles. Because the potency of these products often varies from batch to batch, it’s very difficult to design a reliable regimen around these options.

So we set out to create a suite of products which give you the exact dose you need with every use. By combining the highest quality ingredients, a scientific approach to product development, and the pertinent medical technologies, we’ve created THC & CBD solutions that ensure a level of precision we believe is unique in cannabis therapy.



The Perfect Blend of THC & CBD Solutions

Cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, engage with cannabinoid receptors throughout our bodies to provide a multitude of effects. ioVia™ products are offered in several distinct combinations (“blends”) of cannabinoids carefully chosen to fit a broad spectrum of ailments suitable for cannabis therapy.

Our products are formulated with premium, responsibly-sourced cannabis oils chosen for specific cannabinoids, primarily CBD and THC. The inclusion of THC in our CBD products is important; our patients have had the most success with CBD solutions when used in conjunction with THC and we’ve identified specific ratios of both CBD and THC that achieve optimum results.