the easiest, most flexible way to dose with high-CBD oil

ioVia™ Precision Dose Tinctures are designed to provide an accurate dose by combining 100% activated high-CBD R4 oil with MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil, which is derived from coconut oil. When homogenized with the high-CBD oil, MCT oil increases bioavailability and faster uptake of cannabinoids, in addition to other health benefits. ioVia™ Precision Dose Tinctures absorb more quickly than time release capsules, and more fully than tinctures made with hemp or grapeseed oil. While most commonly used for sublingual or direct oral applications, ioVia™ Precision Dose Tinctures can also be used for cooking, adding to tea or other hot beverages.

formulated to give you just the right dose – every time.

ioVia™ Precision Dose THC & CBD Tincture blends are formulated to be accurately measured and dispensed from the bottle using the included oral dosing syringe. This means you can count on an exact dosage of milligrams, and a consistent experience every time you use it. Using the included dosing syringe, you can easily measure your preferred amount of cannabinoids based on the 1 milliliter dosage strength listed on the side of the bottle. For example, 1 ml of the ioVia™ Precision Dose HI-CBD Blend Tincture contains 9.5 mg of CBD and .5 mg of THC. If your normal dose of CBD is around 30 mg, just measure out 3 ml of Regular Strength tincture with the dosing syringe.

ioVia™ Tinctures for Medical Patients
ioVia™ Tinctures for Rec 21+ Patients